Licenced Clinical Social Worker Counseling and Psychotherapy
Sally Crocker


I have been providing counseling and psychotherapy services for thirty years. For a time, I worked in a community health center, a psychiatric hospital and chemical dependency treatment center, and for a family service agency. For the past twenty years, I have had an office for the private practice of clinical social work.


Social work training involves studying how people’s problems and their solutions need to be viewed through both the wide lens of context and the careful attention to personal details of mind, emotion, and spirit.

In more recent years, I have completed training in Hakomi psychotherapy and in Somatic Experiencing. Hakomi invites the use of mindfulness, a gentle attention inward to focus deeply on the present moment experience. Somatic Experiencing involves developing awareness and release of physical tension remaining in the body after traumatic experiences. Both Hakomi and Somatic Experiencing are approaches that focus on therapist and client listening together to the body’s subtle language, a powerful resource to understanding and changing problematic patterns in a person’s life. I am grateful for the opportunity to integrate these tools into what I offer my clients and am open to answering any questions you may have about them.


I look at counseling and psychotherapy as profoundly collaborative work. I will bring a calm presence, my skills and experience, and a respectful curiosity to our work together. And I will look to you to bring as much curiosity and honesty and willingness to explore the possibilities as you can. My experience shows me that this is how your resources will be expanded and your tight places will loosen. You will discover fresh confidence and a renewed capacity to proceed through the challenges in your life and relationships.


Licensed Clinical Social Worker,
TX License #03310

Member, Academy of Certified Social Workers National Association of Social Workers

Somatic Experience Practitioner